Accessories for the Texas Instruments eZ430-Chronos Kit

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BM-CS5 chest strap

Firmware update tool for eZ430-Chronos watches

eZ430-Chronos Watch Firmware Update eZ430-Chronos Watch Firmware Update (2,982.9 kB)
This tool will update the watch firmware to revision 1.5. It will also write the RF bootstrap loader (RFBSL) to the CC430 BSL memory area.

Operating instructions:
  • Remove the battery from the watch module
  • Connect the watch module to the USB emulator
  • Connect the USB emulator to the PC
  • Start the tool
  • Select the right script for your watch version (868MHz, 915MHz, 433MHz)
  • Click on "RUN"
  • Wait until the update process has finished (this may take 1-2 minutes)
Please note that you also need to have an updated RF Access Point to use the RFBSL feature. Check the eZ430-Chronos user guide for details.

Professsional heart rate monitoring

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