In-depth knowledge is required for the development of high quality products. All development steps from specification to production need to fit together smoothly to end up with a working and cost-efficient product. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!
Our competency in a wide range of measurement techniques and wireless data transmission for ultra-low power systems enables us to efficiently meet our customers wishes.

We are focussing our development efforts in these areas:
  • Various measurement techniques
  • Wireless data transmission
    • BlueRobin
    • ISM bands
  • Medical technology
    • Average heart rate measurement
    • Measurement of heart rate variability
    • Blood pressure
  • Firmware and software for
    • Texas Instruments MSP430 16-bit microcontrollers
    • Epson S1C63 4-bit, S1C88 8-bit und S1C17 16-bit microcontrollers
    • Driver / DLL / GUI development for Windows and Linux O/S